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Keep Me Out

Can I plan ahead when my phone shall be locked?

On the main screen, switch to schedule. You are now able to set your desired time and day of the week that your phone should be locked for.

How can I stay locked out after rebooting/restarting my device?

On the settings screen, please enable “Keep Locked After Device Reboot / Restart” in order to stay locked out after your phone restarted.

Does Keep Me Out store or read my personal data?
We take the protection of your data, privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We assure you that the Keep Me Out app is safe to use and that your personal data will not be read, altered or used in any way or for any purpose.
Can I call people while my phone is in lock mode?
You can enable “emergency calling” in the app settings. That way you can add contacts to your emergency contact list, so you can easily reach them during lock times.
Can I still receive calls when my phone is in “lock mode”?
No, the purpose of Keep Me Out is to reduce distractions caused by your device, so you will be able to initiate calls in an emergency, when you configure it accordingly in the settings, but you would not be reachable in the locked period of time.
How do I uninstall the app?
In order to uninstall the app, please uncheck “Device Administrator” from the settings screen within Keep Me Out. You are then able to remove the app regularly from your phone.
Can I disable the lock for specific apps?
We are currently developing a feature that lets users exempt apps from lock mode. Stay tuned for updates!.

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