Sometimes attacking is the best way to defend. Our penetration testing services simulate a cyberattack to check your website or cloud security and identify existing exploitable vulnerabilities.

Exact Pen Test scope

All vulnerabilities that will be tested are described in detail so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Easy to launch

Provide the domain to your website you want to have checked and thats it. No further information or special access rights from your side required.

Results in 7 days*

Receive the test results in up to 7 business days maximum.

*for SMALL PACKAGE offering

Mitigation Proposal

You will be provided with a tailored proposal outlining strategies recommended to mitigate identified vulnerabilities

Understanding our service and its benefits for you

Our ‘Website and Cloud Security Check’ goes beyond basic analysis to offer comprehensive penetration testing (pentesting).

This essential service examines your site for vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit, simulating real-world attacks in a controlled environment.

By identifying these weaknesses, our service not only enhances your website’s security but also mitigates risks and potentially prevents financial and reputational losses.

Choose one of our Website Security Check packages to safeguard your digital presence effectively.


The 3 Phases

Discovery Call

Our expert pen-testing team will schedule a short session to understand and clarify the specifics of the target environment you wish to test. You can decide whether the testing will be conducted on a staging/test environment or directly in the production environment. 

In this phase our team of certified testers will execute the penetration tests. You will be kept informed with regular status updates.  Should any queries arise during this period, our team will promptly reach out to your designated contact for clarifications.

In case our team detects any critical vulnerability being open in your test environment and requiring immediate fixing, your contact will be notified promptly.

Pen Test

Joint Review

At the end of the respective lead time a comprehensive results report, including our recommendations, will be sent to you via email. Subsequently, a joint call will be organized to review the results document especially regarding the findings and recommendations and make sure you’ve got all the information you were expecting to be delivered.

Additionally you can decide whether a re-test should be executed after 4 weeks as per default lead time of the offer.




per domain

For Web Apps, E-Commerce Sites
or Dynamic Apps

Tested Vulnerabilities


Broken Access Control

Cryptographic Failures


Insecure Design

Security Misconfigurations (OWASP)

Vulnerable and Outdated Components

Identification and Authentication Failures

Software and Data Integrity Failures

Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)


Re-Test including Re-Test Report

Lead Time
14 working days



per domain

Tested Vulnerabilities

Broken Object Level Authorization

Broken Authentication

Broken Object Property Level Authorization

Unrestricted Resource Consumption

Broken Function Level Authorization

Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows

Server Side Request Forgery

Security Misconfiguration

Improper Inventory Management

Unsafe Consumption of APIs


Re-Test including Re-Test Report

Lead Time
10 working days


starting from


Tested Vulnerabilities

  • Cloud, container or orchestration configuration
  • Injection flaws
  • Improper authentication & authorization
  • CI/CD pipeline & software supply chain flaws
  • Insecure secrets storage
  • Over-permissive or insecure network policies
  • Using components with known vulnerabilities
  • Improper assets management
  • Inadequate ‘compute’ resource quota limits
  • Ineffective logging & monitoring 


Report outlining identified vulnerabilities with recommended mitigation strategies

Re-Test including Re-Test Report

Lead Time
20 working days

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